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Soil Type

Asara is very close to the False Bay coast and geology on the estate is typical of the southern Cape coastal region, with soils that are millions of years old, sandstone mountains, granite intrusions and patches of shale.

Two soil types are predominant on the estate - Oakleaf and Tukulu. These soils are closely related, both are derived from ancient granites that have decomposed, and are characteristically well-drained and fertile with high clay content and good water retention. Vines on these soils tend to perform consistently over the seasons, and the soils provide a solid foundation for production of high quality grapes of the noble varieties.

There are also small patches of Glen Rosa and Vilafontes, gravelly and quick drying soils that are derived from shale. These soils have less inherent fertility than the Oakleaf and Tukulu and tend to produce smaller vines, lower yields and highly concentrated fruit. Grape varieties planted on these soils include Petit Verdot, Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Farm management makes use of water stress strategies to induce the vines to produce grapes with concentrated flavor. Soil moisture levels are tracked with the use of computer monitored probes, and irrigation is supplied as deemed optimal.

Oakleaf Soil


Tukulu Soil


Glen Rosa Soil

Glen Rosa

Vilafonte Soil