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Bio Diversity

We cherish our amazing natural heritage, and strive to protect and promote biodiversity which is essential to the health of the farm’s ecosystem.

This includes setting aside empty land for precious fynbos to regenerate, and an ongoing programme of clearing alien vegetation. A small river runs from the top of the farm to the bottom, and we are clearing alien vegetation from the river banks and encouraging the growth of indigenous plant species instead.

In the vineyards we use cover crops to naturally regenerate the soil, and to promote micro-life and insect life. This is complemented by the construction of owl houses, the release of ladybirds, and the fostering of birdlife in general as a means of natural pest control.

The level of biodiversity and health of the farm’s ecosystem is evidenced by the huge variety of birds that are seen, and the presence of numerous small animals including frogs, reptiles, porcupines, mongooses, foxes and small species of buck.