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VineyardsAs the old saying goes, ‘making great wines starts in the vineyard’, and the Asara vineyards are carefully managed through the seasons. This includes meticulous canopy management, and the judicious stressing of the vines as required. The farm and winemaking teams work closely together to monitor the vineyard blocks and to decide when to start the harvest.

The estate is blessed with all the elements of a perfect terroir. During spring and summer we have a warm climate at the estate, tempered by cooling ocean breezes from False Bay, which is only 12km away to the south. In winter abundant rains sweep in from Table Bay to the west. Soils on the estate are hundreds of millions of years old, derived from decomposed granites and shale, and are highly suited to the cultivation of high quality grapes. The estate is hilly with two large ridges running from top to bottom, giving many varied aspects. Elevation ranges from 120m to 200m above sea level.

Key: Varietal / Date planted / Clone / Trellis Type