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The Red Cab

The grapes are harvested in the cool early mornings to preserve flavour. The grapes are whole bunch sorted and destemmed, before cold maceration continued for 3 days.

After inoculation a slow and long fermentation follows. This winemaking process concentrates on the fruit of the Cabernet Sauvignon, and with delicate rack and returns, the délestage process results into varietal fruit with intense colour and spicy cool climate fruitiness.

Malolactic fermentation on French oak, for a period of up to 12 months, ensures nuances of varietal fruit well integrated with the oak, to give a firm lingering aftertaste.

Typical varietal with vibrant juicy freshness, fruit driven with clean silkiness, delivering in quality and style. Ripe, red cherries with hints of spice, herbs and blackberry-fruitiness. The French oak tannins are smoothly integrated with these dark spicy fruits, leaving this wine with delicate flavours, silky tannins and a long lingering aftertaste.


The deep decomposed red soils, rich in nutrients and moisture, contribute to reach high levels of flavours in our
Cabernet Sauvignon. The vineyards are planted South-West facing and canopy is carefully managed with the aim to ensure soft skin and pip-ripeness on the day of picking.

Bottle: 750ml
: Red
Cultivar: Cabernet Sauvignon (100%)
Vintage: 2019
Range: Specialty Range

Additional information





Variety type

Cabernet Sauvignon

ALC : 14 %

RS : 3.0 g/l

TA : 5.0 g/l

pH : 3.64

Cultivar : Cabernet Sauvignon


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