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Pinotage Rosé

Two batches of grapes are harvested in the coolness of early morning. The first batch is harvested at about 21° B to ensure crisp acidity and the second at about 22.5°B for more delicate light fruit flavours and colour. Grapes are immediately transferred to the pneumatic press and gently pressed to prevent too much colour extraction.

The juice ferments gently at a low temperature of 12°C to maintain freshness. After blending, the wine was left on its lees to integrate and create a balance of vibrant primary red berry fruit and a velvety layered lengthy finish. The selection of two yeast strains ensures high level of fruit aromas. Fermentation is slow and the lees are stirred up once a week to contribute to layers of rich and well-integrated fruit.

Fresh, delicate Pinotage Rose emerged with a ripe creamy layering texture and fresh aromas. A delicate wine with luscious watermelon and grapefruit flavours.

Cold roast beef

Chicken Vindaloo

Salmon sushi

Creamy pesto pasta


During this extended ripening process, the skins and pips reach optimum ripeness on duplex soils with excellent water retention. This block faces False Bay, an ideal satiation to maintain the varietals fresh vibrant fruit acidity.

Being harvested at different times, helped to capture the primary fruit flavours. A lot of focus has been given to canopy management, to ensure good healthy new leaves, the last 14 days before final ripening, ensuring a lower pH and good fresh fruit acidity.

Bottle: 750ml
: Rosé
Cultivar: Pinotage Rosé
Vintage: 2021
Range: Vineyard Collection

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ALC : 12.5%

RS : 3.0g/l

TA : 6.2g/l

pH : 3.35

Cultivar : Pinotage


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