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Passione Pinotage

After hand-sorting, the cooled grapes were destemmed and only the finest berries of size were selected on the sorting table. With cold maceration, excellent purple-hue colours were obtained. This process, together with an extended cool fermentation time on the skins, enables the Pinotage juice to optimise its pure concentrated layers of dark spicy fruit flavours.

During the delectate (the rack and return) process on the skins, the extractions of the grape-fruit tannin were monitored daily. Leaving the grapes for two weeks after fermented dry, this wine developed with powerful grape-fruit tannins on the palate. The wine was racked into the best selected first fill French oak barrels and left to complete malolactic fermentation. After ageing for 16 months in 100% new wood, our experienced winemaking-team re-selected only the best barrels for the Passione Pinotage 2017

Full bodied with dark cherry/cassis flavours. A unique Pinotage with well-integrated layering of spicy richness and balanced tannins on the palate. This velvety smooth wine is well integrated with French oak and continues with an everlasting lingering luscious finish.

Pinotage are planted on the highest slope at 220 meters above sea level we visually hand-selected. Only the best bunches that reach phenolic ripeness were selected for our Passione Pinotage. With deep root penetration, the small bunches ripened with a natural low pH and a high acidity, giving the wine made from it, a lasting ageing potential.

2021-Veritas-Double Gold

Rib eye steak with a compound butter

Coq au Vin

Roasted root vegetables (Carrots/Beets/parsnips)


The grapes grow on a high potential Granite soil, enrich with nutrients and moisture. This ensured that the bunches can reach optimum sugar levels under dry land conditions. When the pips show brown in ripeness, together with soft skin phenols, only the smallest grape bunches were hand-picked, into small lugs and cooled down before crushing.

Bottle: 750ml
: Red
Cultivar: Pinotage 100%
Vintage: 2017
Range: Terroir

ALC : 14.0 %

RS : 3.5g/l

TA : 5.79 g/l

pH : 3.46

Cultivar : Pinotage


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