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Cape Point Nature Reserve

For any nature lover, Cape Point Nature Reserve is a paradise. There is an astounding variety of animal life that makes the area home. The endangered Afrikaans Coastal Land Penguins can be spotted here, as can bontebok, jackals and even, wery rarely leopards.

If you can time your visit to include a sunrise or a sunset then you will not be sorry. You will also get some pictures that are sure to impress your Instagram followers. The best views for this are in the Bay Area of the Nature Reserve. Especially Cape Point, after which the whole reserve is named.

You can explore Cape point in a myriad of different ways. There are driving routes, hiking trails, and even helicopter trips. During your exploration, you will discover the lighthouses that keep the coast safe, and the ghost stories and legends that have been inspired by the area.

Don’t forget to visit the old Cape Point Lighthouse. It is no longer operating as it was built in the wrong place. However, it has become an icon of the area, despite the fact that its placement led to many ships being dashed on the rocks. The best way to get to the lighthouse is to ride the flying dutchman funicular. The train leaves every 3 minutes and takes its passengers from the carpark to the lighthouse.

An area of the reserve that you have probably heard of is the cape of good hope. This is the most south-western point of the African continent. There is a real feeling of serenity here. The calm ocean views and stunning beaches are enough to soothe the most troubled soul.

To get to the park you will most likely need to rely on a car. There are not many public transport links into the reserve. There are several different tours you can use that will get you into the park. Cape Point Explorer is the most famous, with their bright red buses. In the summer you will be glad of the airconditioning.

There are fees associated with visiting the Cape of Good Hope and with riding on the flying dutchman funicular. The rest of the reserve is free to visit.


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