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A Trip Up Table Mountain

Table MountainYou can’t travel to the cape and not visit Table Mountain. It dominates the skyline and the view from the top is as iconic as the mountain itself. The peak is 1086 meters which makes it a doable climb for most fit and healthy individuals. Break a bit of sweat on the way up makes you feel like you’ve really earnt the panorama that greets you at the top.

Of course, hiking is no the only way to get to the top. The cableway allows you to ascend and descend the mountain in comfort. You can instead save your energy for exploring the trails that crisscross the top of the mountain. Do be aware that if there are strong winds the cableway will not be running.

For the truly adventurous there is an even more exciting way down. You can rappel down the mountain from the upper cable car station.

At the top of the mountain, you will find a cafe and gift shop waiting for you. Along with a wifi lounge fitted out with charging points. Even at the top of the mountain, you can stay connected. This is even more of a bonus if you forgot to download one of the audio tours of the mountain befo!e you got there. The free audio tours explore the mountain along with the legends that surround it.

The cableway runs from 8 am. The last car up leaves at 7 pm and the last car down leaves at 8 pm. To get to the mountain your best option is to use public transport. It is not easy to park nearby as there are exclusion zones to ensure access for emergency vehicles. If you park in the wrong place you will be towed. There is a free shuttle from Tafelber Road, or you can use a taxi service.

You can purchase your tickets on the day or in advance. If you are buying on the day, you will need to factor in waiting times to your day. It can be over an hour. If you are interested in a tour, there are free guided walks from the top, or you can book a guided tour.

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