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ASARA is the story of the Rahmann family in South Africa.

A modest wine farm bought in 2001 and a bold vision of developing its potential and sharing it with people who appreciate quality and good food & wine. We value craftsmanship and care. We define luxury as having space and time. And we are passionate to deliver an ASARA experience that reflects these values in an unpretentious way.
We are not perfect – we always strive for it in everything we do.


The original winefarm dates back to 1691. While we respect the history of the place we also embrace the future in developing it further. To mark the transition in 2001 we changed the name to ASARA.


At ASARA we are fortunate to have many elements of a perfect terroir for high quality wines.

With warm summers, tempered by cooling ocean breezes and winter rainfall, our climate is favourable. The combination of various altitudes (ranging from 120m to 200m above sea level), different slopes and soil types on the estate allows us to grow a variety of cultivars. Currently the estate has 100 ha under vine, with 30% white and 70 % red cultivars.

ASARA follows a classic style in winemaking.

Guided by the philosophy of allowing our terroir to express itself in the wines, our winemaking team applies the principles of minimal cellar handling and balanced integrated oak as platform for the fruit. Our wines are the result of close team work between farm and cellar and their combined knowledge, skills and dedication. We enter international wine competitions and have been rewarded with an impressive list of awards.


We farm and produce responsibly with care and consideration for our land and the environment. This commitment reflects in our IPW (Integrated Production of Wine) certification. Our sustainable and ethical principles, policies and practices are certified by WIETA (Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trade Association). ASARA holds BWI Champion Status by supporting the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI) through various conservation efforts & initiatives and the eco-friendly water management on the estate.

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