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A day out in Franschhoek

Franschhoek, which is known as the French corner, is a small but fascinating place. It is considered a must-see gastronomic spot. A day spent in Franschhoek is best spent enjoying the culinary delights on offer with some delightful walks in the beautiful surroundings to burn off the extra calories.


The cape is home to foods that you won’t find in other parts of the world. For instance, Springbok and Kudu; these meats are gamey delicacies. There is no better place to be introduced to these special foods than Franschhoek. You can find any number of restaurants serving these dishes. For an extra special experience, why not try one of the restaurants that are based on the grounds of a winery? This can give you the best of both worlds when it comes to food and drink.


The centre of the town is a haven for shoppers. Whether you are looking for art fashion or souveniers, you should head to Huguenot Road. At the top of the road stands the monument to religious freedom that was built there in the 1940s. Heading down the road takes you past a selection of shop. Towards the bottom of the road you can enter the market stalls. A great place to find a bargain and to try out your bargaining skills.


The Grande Provence Estate offers you the chance to, once again enjoy a stunning meal. Also, you can explore the grounds of this 18th Century Manor house. Within the grounds, you will be able to find the Jonkershuis. The house for the family’s eldest son.

Wine Safari

For a walk on the wild side, why not go on a wine safari. These start at the Waterford Estate. You can clamber into a 4×4 Land Rover to view the estate and its many vines. At the peak of the estate, you can see as far as Table Mountain. If you’ve had your fill of wine, then head to our Gin Lounge at the Azara Estate to sample a different kind of refreshing delight.


Car enthusiasts should take the opportunity to visit the Franschhoek Motor Museum. The museum plays host to a rotating selection of perfectly maintained vintage cars. With more than 200 vehicles and mesmerising views, this is a great place to spend some time.


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